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Great People follow this simple logic!

The simple logic:

  • If you don’t know what you are a master of, you are still a student.
  • If you don’t yet know what or who you are a student of, you’re not!
  • If you don’t become a student you will never become a master.
  • When the master stops being a student, the master loses the mastery to someone who is.
  • Who reigns? To remain in power one must remain a student of mastery.
  • To become an exceptional entrepreneur one must be proactively Profuture, i.e. the trait of going where no one has gone before.
  • Entrepreneurs lead the future and let others manage the past.

To become a great entrepreneur you must always be becoming one first and continuously within yourself.

It has everything to do with:


1. “Personal Development” (in the person, by the person, for the person)!

  • One of the big mistakes entrepreneurs of larger companies/institutions make is to think that because they are well established, with a great culture, and high standards, they can get away with finding cheaper and less qualified people to manage and perform many of the functions and support for their departments, company divisions and groups.  Again, we must emphasis, the company/institution does not make the people, the people make the company/institution!
  • It is people who “rise to the occasion”, not brands, buildings, companies or institutions!  It is shameful and really odd when one hears that the success of “such-n-such” person, business, company or group was due to the “Office, Brand, the Company’s/Institution’s prestige and power etc., but when it comes to failure, or degeneration and demise it is always the fault of a person – the entrepreneur, owner, manager, CEO or the board!  The ‘tall poppy” syndrome is not just Australian, believe me – it is worldwide!
  • People’s trust in a brand or institution eventually will only go as far as they discover and know the people in charge.  Those that they face at the day to day connection in the front lines are the children of the parents in charge, they are the “key performance indicators”, whose family culture and parental traits they perform and display to the public.  It is the litmus test that everyone follows and talks about and also determines whether they believe in and trust the brand the parents (entrepreneurs) of the family promote!
  • This is why, “People must be greater than the House”, from the entrepreneurial parent/s of the brand, to the newest family member!  To do this, all must be (and remain) in a continuous position for learning, coaching, training and development at whatever level each happens to be in your realm/business.

“I will earn and gain what I rule and reign, or I will wear the loss and bear the pain”.  It is a person who reigns – it is also a person who brings shame.  Not a brand, not a building, but a person!


2. “Entrepreneurial Innovation” (mastering and pioneering)!

  • That which is established by the entrepreneurs must be mastered wholly and totally by the “tour guides” (managers) before they are let loose in the business, in order to walk the clients/guests/customers from the community through the business house experience whatever it may be.
  • However, being an expert (guide) and doing the work (tour) is not sufficient if you are losing people along the way.  To have some, or even one not return out of their first experience should always make “headline news”.
  • To ensure everyone stays on tour with you through the journey and does not get lost you have to be quite innovative and observant.  You must use lines (strings, ropes and chains) of engagement to connect yourself with everyone you are guiding in each tour experience in order to bring them all home again and again.
    • What are the strings?
    • What are the ropes?
    • What are the chains?
  • When it comes to the entrepreneurs (trailblazers) pioneering new tours – finding new and exciting things the community may want to experience – the sky’s the limit!
  • People are fascinated by and love exploring other peoples cuisine and their cultural habits and habitats (environments) that are new to them, or that they have already discovered and enjoy – as long as they know and trust the “tour guide” they will follow them along the “trailblazers trail”!  For this, we have to appeal to the innovation of our clients, guests, customers and the people in the community.
  • There is little security in trailblazing and it does not appeal to everyone initially, so most wait until it is a safe and well trodden path that gets spoken of highly before participating on a “tour guide” special!
  • There is no freedom in a guided tour!  You simply and only follow the guide!  Only in trailblazing is there freedom to innovate to the extreme from both sides – the publics and the trailblazers!

Why are trailblazers (entrepreneurs) so important to us?  Often a bruised and battered “trailblazer” will have greater innovative ideas than a clean but sterile expert “tour guide”(manager)!  Who reigns?


3. “Entrepreneurial Inspiration” (creativity and multiplying)!

  • Where do you get your inspiration?  From someone else’s words, music, work, masterpiece or craftsmanship, nature, community, society, dreams, visions, imaginings, amazing experiences, a multiplicity of some, or all and more of what’s just mentioned?
  • True (as in real) inspiration is very motivating.  How is motivational inspiration multiplied into others?
  • Many people can copy what others have done and said, some being much more expert at it than others – it is called “emulation, a compliment for the originator, endorsement in acknowledgement of the originator, some copies even appear to exceed the glory of the originators original”!
  • Many people knowingly plagiarise what others have said and done and pretend it is their own creativity – it is called “appropriation”!  On the other hand many will not recall or know where they got their inspiration from, which may be the same as someone else’s and possibly received at a similar time, or even at different times in different locations etc.  This is often referred to as “great minds think alike” or “it is the need of the hour and therefore in everyone’s mind as to what must be said/done etc.”
  • Inspiration is often confused with innovation.  Innovation is about something existing.  Inspiration is about something not yet existing.  Everyone is full of inspiration, but very few know how to inspire others.

You must be an original entrepreneur to inspire others!  You will inspire no one if all you do is repeat (copy) what everyone else is doing or saying, no matter how passionate you are.  Passion may persuade, but not inspire.  It is original entrepreneurial inspiration that no one can forget, and that is what brings people back to your business or enterprise again and again!  It becomes a vision they can’t ignore, a mission that they cannot neglect, with an intrinsic value they won’t compromise!  Who reigns?

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