Work Life Balance


True “Work Life Balance”


 Are You Really in Control of Yourself and/or Your Business?

In “Man Versus Wild” we see demonstrated the two worlds:

  1. Wild
  2. Civilized

1. Because the “Wild” is out of our control we can only survive by being in total control of ourselves for our shelter, food, clothing, health, wealth & protection. Here, man is in control of himself and the environment is “wild”.

2. Because the “Civilized” is a controlled environment people assume, “I don’t need to be in control of myself, I can relax because others are responsible for my health, wealth, protection, shelter, food & clothing”.  Here, the environment is controlled and man is “wild” and must be ruled by edicts, dictums and laws.


Therefore, whoever controls shelter, food, clothing, health, wealth & protection is the ruler and reigns over those who don’t, or won’t!  Now that’s real work/life imbalance!

If we don’t or won’t rule ourselves – someone/something else will!  Who Reigns?  You decide!


To enjoy real “Work Life Balance” Change your mindset from, “I want to be Successful”, to “I want to Rule & Reign”!  You can only have true “Work Life Balance” in a world that you can control.

John R Fergusson