Instant Author Webinar


Instant Author Webinar

Why is it important to be an author? Why would you let someone else write your life and what you can or cannot be, do and become! When you let others, or someone run your life, they are the authors, the originators, setting the boundaries and parameters of who you are and will become. It is all according to them and their authorship! How come they know what is best for you and you don’t? Who said you don’t know what is best for you? Well come on! Who said so? Who are you listening to? You are supposed to be the author of your life and living! It’s written in your heart – it was there the day you were born. Who have you allowed to overwrite the desires of your heart and cognitive mind? Well come on! Who?

Do you want it back – Your very own authorship – Your very own powerful authority?

Do you want to be empowered – I mean really empowered? Not just when others let you?

Talk to me – we can do this as a webinar – we would love to give you back your very own authorship and personal authority and show you how to utilise and use the intrinsic power within you.

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