Reputation Management


Reputation Management

Whether we like it or not, we are creating the benchmark – not so much by “what” we “teach and say”, but by “who” we ”become” which determines “what we do” and “how we do it“!

This is the beginning where the foundational shift must take place in your subconscious.  Where your governing thoughts must be made or replaced!

1. Your reputation depends on it.

  • Your dispositional prevailing foundation must become a student in order for your non aligned thoughts to change into leading benchmark cultural DNA skills, action, or deeds in your domain/market persona, to reign, rule, lead as business people and as an organisation, becoming a worldwide institution where applicable.
  • First foundational shift – you don’t have a job, or an occupation.  It is time to change your thinking.
  • Servants have jobs for a fee determined by others.
  • Slaves have occupations based on the meagre gratuities of the whim and will of their masters.
  • You have a responsibility to “Reign”, i.e. to be in power to sway and influence!  This develops reputation which must be managed very well!

2. It is a calling to a Vision and Mission with its own intrinsic Values.  It is priceless!

  • This means you must build a new and more aligned view of yourself.
  • Develop a greater value of yourself.
  • Express a new and higher appreciation about yourself and what you can and will become and do,
  • and discover a richer supply for wealth creation in yourself that you perhaps never knew was there.
  • Put this all together as a team and you will change the world by your reigning and ruling.

Reputation is not a benign endowment – it is earned by becoming… leadership bravura through masterful change, overcoming all odds and reinforcing transformation and development within, in order to manage reputation proficiently without.

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