Future Class Leadership Academy

At F.C.L.A. There are Five Classes of Business Coaching

Topics (include but not limited to the following)
1. Open Class Business
Covers all of the basics, finding your strengths…
2. Economy Class Business
Budget specific, building foundations, personal economics, sagacity…
3. Business Class Business
Management tiers, financial structure, collaborative planning/plotting…
4. First Class Business
First level self dominion & discipline, leading intellect, empowering emotion…
5. Future Class Business
Future vision, pursuing insight, leading intelligence, identifying future dreams,

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Specialising in Exclusive Business Leadership Coaching at the

Highest Level

…because we know every leader is unique too.

It is very difficult to learn from the past in a rapidly changing world. There is no security in past triumphs and successes, or learning from past failures. Non trivial, scientifically proven, evidence based learning is fully looking at the “proven past or science” of what others have already learnt and done, or at practices and places in business many still practice or occupy!

It is the evidence of the experts that works, we are told! But in these rapidly changing times it is the old universal practices, doctrines of business science, mind shutting clichés and the stockpot answers such as “Numbers never lie” that must be questioned without prejudice or protection, and in many cases tossed aside!

If you are following everyone else, you are not part of the competition. You have already “sold out” to the ones you are following – they will not share their wealth nor profits with you since you have become part of the evidence of the neo-feudal business system! It is not about “world’s best practice” standards either, which you should be using or better. It is about being educated and grounded in future insight paradigms in order to establish a 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 year plus sustainably secure plan.

You cannot claim to be a leader if you are “following experts” or doing what everyone else is doing.
True leaders go where no one else has gone before. It is called, “Securing the Future!
Are you leading the future or just managing the past?

Let me give you some examples……….. Well not yet, I need to get you ready!

“Position may be important at the start – but it’s the end one that really matters! It’s how you run the race that determines your end position!” John R Fergusson

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