Minding Your Future

minding the futureKnowledge does not make you intelligent – it only makes you knowledgeable! But the right kind of knowledge or having knowledge that others don’t have, can make you not just appear smart, but very, very smart!

Because all IQ tests are based on a particular acquired knowledge stream, (usually a “highly thought of and definitively selective” knowledge stream), IQ tests can only be an indicator of the knowledge they are skewed toward! The person is incidental – the knowledge depth and capacity of detail being primary. We do well to remember though, that the IQ test is based only on past and present knowledge streams. For instance we cannot write or give a test to anyone on what is not yet discovered or known.

IQ Intelligence Quotient! (Even the very word quotient means: proportion, measure, amount, share, percentage – related to a particular knowledge genre or category).
Recent history tells us it is not wise to place much credence on a person’s so called “High IQ”.
We have to ask, “Measured against what or who’s standard of intelligence?” Then we will be able to determine the selected and expected results of what we are looking for in a person or group.

It works like this: “These are the type of people we want to find for this role, so we need to ask these kinds of questions (predetermined), to find them!”
This is to get a purely definitive predetermined type of person/result, in order to sort out the particular trait of persons wanted, from the crowd. We call this an “intelligence quotient”! Does this mean then that everyone else in the crowd is less intelligent? No! It may mean the very opposite – that they are all more intelligent! It all depends on what “intelligence quotient” you are looking for that eliminates or rejects most and selects or gathers others.

It is also worth remembering, a high IQ is not a “character reference”, which many seem to neglect, or ignore and forget about!
Forgive me for being a little facetious, but why are so many too smart/clever to be of good character with high ethical standards 24/7?
Who said, “Knowledge maketh the person”! Oh yeah! Give me a break!

It is time to enter the future realm! I am looking for people who are willing to mind without prejudice, their future realm.

You don’t want just your knowledge perse – You need your knowledge, experience and expertise merged into an amalgam of future insight! This will force you to engage your very own deeply intrinsic intelligence, which I can assure you, will only be mined, filtered, defined and utilised against (or out of), your future unlimited measure (quotient), of abundant universal wealth within you, from your future storehouse! This will indeed make you a leader…..
John R Fergusson

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